How To Learn Your Favourite Songs on Piano!

Are you a professed lover of Indian Music and wanting to play your favorite hits on your piano? Perhaps you aren’t quite sure how to get started? Well fear not, I am here to help you.

The first step is knowing what you want to play and if you have the skills needed? For example, did you want to play Bhangra, or pop punjabi songs?

And how did you want to learn these songs? Did you want to teach yourself by reading music or by ear? Do you have the skills to turn what you see on the page or hear on the radio into something you can actually play on your piano?

The answer to most of these questions, if you don’t think you do posses the needed skills, is far cheaper and simpler than you would think. You can play Learn Your Favourite Songs on Piano for $39.95 and get over 12 months worth of lessons thanks to the Rocket Piano method. Rocket piano covers skill levels from beginner to advanced, and teaches you all the fundamental techniques and skills needed. It even shows you how to play in different styles, from classical to pop, jazz to rock and more. What’s more is that it teaches you to read and understand music and will help you train your ears. All of this – and more – is made possible thanks to modern teaching techniques and audio and video demonstrations.

And all for just $39.95

Once you have used Rocket Piano to give you all the neccesary tools and skills, you can then apply all of that education to learning whatever songs you want to, with the confidence to know that you can read that piece of music or play that song by ear.

The best part of the process is that it is simple and allows you to learn music from the comfort of your own home.