Looking Into Cabinet Refacing

Certainly, there is any number of jobs that even a limited handyman can perform within the home without having to call upon a professional to do the work. One of these is to tackle the project of providing a totally new look to the kitchen cabinets that are starting to look a bit worn. Looking Into Cabinet Refacing basically involves removal of the top layer of stain or paint that is on them so as to be able to get down to the wood that is underneath.

Once one is able to expose the wood, the cabinet facing can be sanded down where necessary to be certain it is smooth. This will also be the time that any changes one seeks to do such as the addition of panels or perhaps some other trim can be done so that an entirely different surface will be created. Most items can easily be found at a good home improvement dealer. While one is shopping for these they can also purchase any replacement panels that might be required for the drawers or kitchen doors as well.

Additional cabinet refacing supplies one may want to pick up at the same time that will come in handy could be putty that will address any small holes that may have appeared, sandpaper sheets and perhaps some adhesive tape. And of course, this would also be the time to pick up the stain or paint one will be using to finish the cabinets.

Another consideration at this time might be any new and different hardware items one may want to add so as to change the look even more. Basically, these would include things such as knobs, door pulls and possibly hinges.

As with most things in today’s world, one can gather much helpful information regarding the project and their efforts online, or they can opt for any number of books and manuals related to the topic available in most cases at their home improvement supplier.