This is natural that every one wants to look good and fit. If you are thinking that by controlling your diet you can get fitness and a good looking body then you are wrong. Fitness and attractive body is something that you can get by using proper exercise systems. There are different exercise systems that you can apply in your life and get help to improve your fitness and body shape. It is very important to have good fitness because a good looking and fit body can not only keep you confident but will also give you courage to move ahead in your life. There are certain psychological effects of exercise systems on human life that can bring good changes in social life as well. If you are suffering from bad health or weak body and want to improve yourself then you can do it by using exercise systems. Here are 3 different exercise systems that you can apply in your life to gain fitness and good body shape.


Bodylastics are basically exercise systems bands that you can use. These are designed to produce 5-388 tension levels if you keep them on their extreme resistance level. The price is very reasonable as well. You can buy a basic bodylastics set in just $50 and if you are looking for some more professional exercise systems then you will need to spend more money. However for a beginner a basic set will be enough to start with. There is no need to hire a fitness trainer to use these exercise systems because you will get a training DVD along with the set that you purchase. http://www.sportzfuel.com/ using techniques and information are provided in that DVD.


Ripcords are also considered as one of the best exercise systems that you can use in your house. They can be a great addition to your in house gym. If we compare them with bodylastics then the difference is just of one or two dollars but the resistance offered by them is just 82 pounds. That is quite less as compared to bodylastics as they can produce a tension level of up to 388 lbs. But if there is a need to conclude the product in a single word then I can say that this is a decent product. No matter if it is missing some of the important tools that you need for your exercise. Still you can get some basic results from such exercise systems.

P90x Bands:

If you keep searching about exercise systems then you must have heard about P90x system or bands. Though there is a complete fitness program that is called P90x system but the best thing about these bands is that they come along with this fitness system. If you are an exercise fond then you better know that P90x is considered as one of the best house exercise systems. There is no difference in price of P90x bands and ripcords but they can offer a bit more tension level as compared to ripcords.