Space Heater

Space Heaters

Space heaters are usually used to warm a small space. This small space could range from anything like a small enclosure to a full room or even an entire house. Thus space heaters are used to keep the temperature levels just high enough to facilitate a healthy body temperature for all living things: people, their pets as well as plants included. The only case where space heating implies water heating is when space heating is used for the purposes of hydronic heating. Since space heaters are almost always employed for domestic purposes, they are usually portable in nature and come in wall-mounted varieties. These types of heaters are mostly powered by electricity. Alternatively, they may also be powered by fuels such as natural gas or propane. The best advantage of electric space heaters is that they completely prevent any possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning, which is important because space heaters are generally used for domestic purposes in homes with people, animals and plants. What’s more, electric space heaters are much more affordable and environment friendly as compared to natural gas powered or propane powered space heaters. However, they are comparatively expensive to use, because the no. of units of heat generated per unit of electricity is costlier than the no. of units of heat per unit of natural gas or per unit of propane.

When living in a reasonably small home, a space heater can be a money saving device. And in a time where budgets are especially tight, it’s especially important to be aware of the benefits of these heaters. By closing off one or two rooms and placing this type of heater in them, a person can reduce their electricity or gas bill considerably without having to freeze all winter long. While twenty years ago the danger of kerosene space heaters was considerable, especially to children, newer models circumvent these complications with practical features that make living with the heater much easier. First, very few make use of a gas; most are electric. Second, they are smaller and therefore more convenient, so say goodbye to the waist-high wire contraption previously occupying the kitchen floor. They are often stylish or at least not noticeable. Third, and perhaps most important, new ceramic heaters do not become hot on the outside. Where kerosene space heaters could severely burn hands or even start fires if left unattended, new ceramic models are cool to the touch even as they heat the room. These are perfect for children’s rooms or even bathrooms or campers. In short, renovations in space heaters warrant another look this season.

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