The “No Time” Excuse – My Own Body Fitness

Im so busy, how can I find time to workout?

What is the number one excuse people use to talk themselves out of exercising?

If your answer was cost, you would be incorrect. Cost actually falls to number three on the list behind self-efficacy (your belief in your own ability to complete a task or reach a goal) at number two.

The number one excuse for not working out is a perceived lack of time. To most, exercise is viewed as a means to an end. You work out to get a six pack, fit into your jeans, look good on the beach, for a wedding or reunion, etc.

All of that is great if those things are your motivation. However, if we change our mindset towards exercise, we may surprise ourselves with how much time we actually do have. Let me explain

No one wants to spend hours upon hours in the gym everyday. That is not what I am advocating here.

Family, friends, your spouse or significant other, work, free time are all important to leading a balanced lifestyle. However, your health should not take a backseat to the aforementioned list.

How can you enjoy all that life has to offer if you are not healthy?

Time is not found like some loose change in between the cushions of your couch. You must create the time. This may require a little creativity or the guidance of a professional, but if you prioritize it, as you do everything else, you WILL have time for exercise.

What Are You Spending Your Time On?

Take a step back and look at what you spend your time on.

Scrolling through Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, binge watching your favorite shows on Netflix, spending an entire Sunday watching football, etc.

All of those things are great because you enjoy them, so is it really about the time you dont have, or the fact that you havent found exercise enjoyable?

If you enjoyed exercise as much as Netflix, wouldnt you create the time to do it?

Exercise is not the same for everyone. Perhaps squatting until your legs feel like jello and youre sore for the rest of the week because you see a post on Instagram screaming at you saying NEVER SKIP LEG DAY! is not your idea of fitness.

Maybe its taking a walk with your spouse or significant other after dinner for 25 minutes, or signing up for an intro to yoga class to de-stress after work.

I implore you to take the time to find a form of exercise that you enjoy doing. Then the excuse of not having the time will disappear because you actually look forward to it.

We all have to start somewhere, and the time is NOW!

How To Make Exercise Something You Look Forward To

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Admit the truth and begin to explore your perspectives on exercise and why you dont do it. Is it a matter of fear? Do you not know where/how to start?

Ask yourself, If I commit to exercise, how would I accommodate it?

What routines would you need to change in order to exercise?

What kind of exercise would be appealing to you?

What exercise routine could I live with in my current situation?

Disassociate yourself with the notion that if you arent working out for 30-60 minutes and crawling out of the gym drenched in sweat that you wasted your time.

Start with 5-10 minutes of something you enjoy and build from there. Small changes will accumulate to big results when you stick with it.

Can you honestly say you dont have 5 minutes?

Start today.