Time Warner Cable

Families and friends are scattered throughout this world. Connecting and communicating with our near and dear ones has become feasible and affordable now with the technological advancement.

The best and optimum service is what all requires in this digital era.

Time Warner cable is said to be the America’s second largest cable TV operator and home Internet providers. It operates in 28 states and has about 31 operating services. They provide home Internet service at different speeds and various prices corresponding to the user’s requirement. Maximum of 50 Mbps is the speed of time Warner cable.

With time Warner cable at your doorstep, why do you have to waste your time waiting for the internet to connect with your old dial up connection? They provide 24×7 customer service and strive hard to give better price and service than their potential competitors.

High speed internet service is the greatest advantage of Time Warner cable. They give both broad band internet connection and wide band internet connection as per the customer’s request. Time Warner cable allows the user to choose their internet plan according to their usage.

Wi-Fi service paves way for optimum usage of the internet connection for the entire family. Time Warner cable assures safe internet connection to the users.

As it is a home internet provider security needs are more focused towards children. Parents can keep control over the internet in a single snap.

Actual speeds will not be the same in all areas. Many factors have their impact on internet speed. Wideband internet connection comes with the highest speed of 50 Mbps which depends on the local facility connection to the cable modem. Speed test allows the users to check their internet speed at any point of time during their usage.

The speed of the internet connection depends on the host server, host server’s internet connection, internet routers, adware or spyware, web browser, TCP/IP configuration, computer hardware, operating system, home networking device, Time Warner cable routers and cable modem’s signal. If the speed test fails, Time Warner cable identifies the culprit among any of these issues and provides the solution to the users.

Now it is the great time with Time Warner cable bundle offer. They offer digital TV, broadband internet and digital home phone all these three services in a discounted bundle offer. The greatest advantage being a single bill for all these services. Additional bonus of free DVR and HD tier channels for 3 months comes with the package. Great savings on your entertainment.

Digital TV from time Warner cable comes with crystal clear screen. All digital channels including basic network channels come along with the package. Many international channels in popular national languages are also in the channels list but for some additional charge. The digital TV bundle offer includes many options so that the customer can have his wish list satisfied with minimal cost.

Parental controls, on screen program guide and movies on demand are the added benefits of this package. Time Warner cable broad band internet is the best and fastest way to surf the net. Downloading pictures, movies, music and videos takes just few seconds with Time Warner cable. Webmail accounts for the entire family, a free internet security suite, antivirus, fire wall protection, anti spam and 24/7 online customer service are all additional benefits of this triple package.

Time Warner Cable Digital home phone Service along with Digital TV and Broadband Internet meets your telecommunications needs. Variety of calling plans and features allows the user to choose and enjoy unlimited local and long distance calling within the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico for one flat rate. This offer doesn’t push you to buy any expensive new phones or equipment. Time Warner Cable digital home phone service works best with your existing phones and telephone jacks. You get the features like 3-way calling, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, enhanced 9-1-1, and many more with this package.

As one of the premium features when you opt for broadband internet turbo service, broadband internet music grants can be added which allows the access to a music library containing more than three million songs. Also available is the access to great subscription sites for one low monthly price in the turbo service.

Time Warner cable facilitates the easy billing system for the users’ convenience. You can pay online with payxpress. There you can manage your account and pay the corresponding bills. You have the choice of automatic payment, payment through phone or payment through mail. The option is yours.

Time Warner cable is billing its internet customers based on their web usage. As similar to the meter reading deciding the usage of many services like gas, water and electricity, etc Time Warner cable has a similar facility for the internet. Now the user gets the optimum usage of his internet service.